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Health tips -How to lose weight in just 5 month

When you have a body with more fat and want to lose fat for looking good, work with more energy and live a good lifestyle free of diseases.

You have already tried and tested many tips and tricks for losing fat but they don’t get success.

So how can you lose fat in just 5 months, follow our tips and tricks for losing fat off your body?

BUT, BUT, BUT before following the tips and tricks for losing fat you should know the scientific region behind growing fat and IS IT GOOD FOR HEALTH OR NOT, IN WHICH CASE IT IS GOOD AND IN WHICH CASES IT IS BAD FOR OUR HEALTH.

lose weigth

SO LET’S see how fat grows in our body 

  • When we eat our food then it always contains some elements that our body wants.
  • It contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, water, and other required vitamins and fiber, etc…
  • So the food we take that contains a fat element which includes different types of a fat element such as HDL, LDL, VLDL and etc..
  • When food digest in our body it provides protein, fat, carbohydrates and other necessary elements to our blood and then transport to all parts of our body and waste materials go out from our body through the excretion process.

So when our body has the exact amount of fat that need for our body then the fat of our body maintained and we feed well.

What is the work of fat in our body is it important?

The fat content of our body helps in many cases for good health.

It provides natural glow in our skin, makes a flexible layer in our blood vessels and other parts for easier transport of food supplement and blood to all the parts.

It stores excessive energy in it and provides energy when required.

This point is the main cause for growing fat in our body, when we have an excess amount of fat that is beyond the fat storage level of our body then it increases our weight and blocks the vessels that cause many diseases and unhealthy conditions for the internal environment of our body.


Because our bodies don’t have the enzymes that can convert the LDL AND VLDL to the energy source.

**So for decreasing the excessive fat from our body we should focus on lowering the 

LDL and VLDL fat components in our body(they get deposited and there are no enzymes for converting it to the energy so the bodyweight increases ).

fat in blood
fat in blood

Other regions for growth in body weight.

  • When we grow with time then all our body parts grow.
  • With growing age, the bones and muscles of our body grow 
  • With deposits of the good fat element (HDL)

If the weight is increasing for these causes then don’t worry these are natural and the more growth will give more power, energy and glow in our body, which is good.

KNOW why the amount of fat (fat=LDL, VLDL) increases in our body.

  • When we eat food and not do physical work in our modern lifestyle, then our body not needs more energy.
  • But our body produces more energy than we required which increase the fat, so increases the bodyweight 

If our lifestyle we also eat foods that contain more amount of fat than our requirements if it also increases the fat components in our body.

The fat deposits in just to our skin and causes growth of the portion it deposits and increases the weight.

If also deposits in excessive quantities in the inner of blood vessels and block the flow of blood nutrition to the functioning organ and make our body weak and we feel laziness.

When this condition maintains for a long time (10-20 years)causes failures of organs such as –Heart, Liver, Kidney, main blood vessels, and bone joints.

Then it causes the parts to fail to operate and many diseases arise such as -Heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure, pain in bone joints, artery blockages, etc.

Which has a risk in life?

These all things we should know and then we can work properly for weight loss.

Here have a look at types of people who have more weight and who need to lose their weight for good health.

  1. Persons who eat more fast food and junk foods with much of oil the have grown in weight.
  2. People who eat much but don’t do physical work or their profession and lifestyle not include physical work have weight growth.
  3. People who have weight growth according to age.
  4. People who have normal fat components but more weight in bone and mussels, have more weight than the same age people.
  5. People who have genetic components and their family members have good health but don’t feel any difficulty in doing daily work.

Here in 1st two cases, you have to very serious for controlling your weight because you have more weight in the form of fat components. They should lose weight and follow our health tips for losing weight in 5 months.

For Rest 3 Categories they don’t need to lose their weight because their weight is normal and when we have no problem with our weight then we don’t need to follow 

Health tips on losing weight.

For growth in muscle and bone you don’t have to worry because who do bodybuilding they have more weight in bone and mussels, They have weight 2 to 3 times than a normal human being.

If you have weight slightly more due to growth of age then don’t worry and don’t need to follow health tips on losing weight,  

If you feel any problem due to your weight than you can follow the HEALTH TIPS 

to lose some weight but consult a DOCTOR before following the health tips to lose weight.

If you have more weight than the same age people due to genetic differences and have no difficulties in living then you don’t need to lose your weight and follow the HEALTH tips for losing weight. if you have difficulty with weight the can follow.


IF YOU DECIDE and tested that your weight is growing for  1st two regions then you can follow these pro tips on losing weight in 5 months.

There is a simple step for controlling weight growth and lose weight.

  • First, stop the growth of weight 
  • Then think to lose the excessive weight

How to stop the growth of weight 

First, change your lifestyle and eating habits 

  • It is too difficult to change lifestyle and eating habits suddenly and it is next to impossible.
  • So how to achieve this -start changing your eating habits with small things and then practice to reach the goal of losing weight.
  • If you are eating fast food and junk food all the times a day then, don’t eat time a day and exchange it with other food.
  • Reverse the food that causes increases in fat which causes an increase in weight.
  • Eat food that has more protein and carbohydrate content.
  • Do some physical work and exercise in daily routine.

Think about your body and the lifestyle diseases which are becoming a part of our life and if your life where you don’t focus on your health and earn more money then at the end you could have a lot of money but don’t have the proper health conditions to enjoy in life.

The life of today’s so-called modern man has an impact that the average lifespan of a healthy human being has become 40 years.

So think about what you want 

  1. A life with lots of money but have a healthy life of 40 years and after that live a  life having diseases like -heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, anger, depression and other life long diseases which leave after death.

You have to live with the help of medicine throughout your life after 40-45 years.

2.A life with money that is required to leave a standard lifestyle but have good health throughout life till you die.

This is not to demotivate you and not tell you don’t earn more money in life.

Money is important and you should earn how much you can according to your work and intelligence. 

But when it comes to earning more money in exchange for your health the be Careful.

“Love yourself and live a life of good health”

This is to know you what is the science behind growing weight and how you can lose weight following” our health tips for losing weight in 5 months” after watching this you can set your mindset why you should lose your weight.

Which will motivate you to follow the tips and tricks for losing weight and strictly follow the diet plan to lose weight or live a life with good health?

For getting a diet plan for Health tips on losing weight. You can comment and contact us for getting a customized diet plan for losing weight in 5 months (garnered) free of cost.

After all, it depends on you how you follow the 

“Health tips for losing weight in just 5 months”

That will show the result.

**Thanks for watching our blog**

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